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AzonSpy – The #1 Amazon Affiliate Software For Uncovering Profitable Products


Hi fellow Amazon Affiliates,

You might have being receiving a lot of emails promoting this Amazon Affiliate Video Course + Software called the AzonSpy by Tim Atkinson. I bought it last week when it was first launched at about $20, and at of this writing it has gone up to more than $30 selling at the Warrior Forum. I did not want to promote it though the feedback was good but I had no idea what it was about and whether it was worth the investment. I knew you as my readers who trust me a lot and I rather you make pay a little bit more for something which is value for money than to spend little money on product not worth even a penny.

But I have to apologize for taking this long to make a post on AzonSpy as there were 24 videos to go through and I was tied up with my projects.

Anyway, after going through the video course, if it is not worth the investment, I would not even want to write about it here at this blog, but I think it is a gem, so I said to myself I better let my readers know about this AzonSpy soon before the price goes up even further though it was said that the price will be cap at $47.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

What is AzonSpy?

Let’s hear it from the creator of AzonSpy, Tim Atkinson.


Click to read about the AzonSpy.


What Can We Expect from AzonSpy Amazon Affiliate Video Course?

Next, let’s Tim Atkinson introduce what is inside the AzonSpy Video Course Center:



What About the AzonSpy Software?

As I have mentioned AzonSpy is not only a Amazon Affiliate Marketing Video Course, it also comes with a software to help the users to discover profitable products, watch the video below and find out more about this software.



AzonSpy Review

Okay, here is my review.

AzonSpy Software

Let’s talk about the software.

In my earlier post, I highlighted the Amazon Marketplace Product Selection Criteria, with this software, it is a big time saver. You can use the filtering feature of this software to get the list of products that meet the selection criteria without going through the products one by one. And Tim Atkinson mentioned that more useful features will be added in soon, for example the search volume etc. I do hope that the Google Trend or Google Insights will be included too.

[UPDATE] The AzonSpy Software has now moved from the Windows platform to Web-Based, meaning that it does not matter whether you are using a PC or Mac, you can still make use of this piece of software. And moreover, you need not to worry about future upgrades, since it is web-based, all the upgrade will be done automatically at their system. Another good benefit of a web-based system is it takes the load off your PC, ie. running the AzonSpy will not slow down your system a single bit.


AzonSpy Amazon Affiliate Training Video Course

Now, how about the video course?

The complete course is broken down into 4 big modules, namely:

1. Product Selection which consists of the following-

    • Amazon Product Criteria & Guidelines
    • Finding HOT Products to Promote
    • Brand vs Product Name vs Product Type
    • Keyword Research (Expanding Your Keyword List)
    • Competition (Should I Go After It?)

2. Building a Niche Site

    • Setting Up Your Website Part 1
    • Setting Up Your Website Part 2
    • Publishing Your Content
    • Using Amazon Widgets
    • Improving Conversions
    • When to Move On or Keep Going

3. Advanced Strategies

    •  High Ticket Method
    • Build for the Future  
    • Domain Snatcher
    • Sex Niche Method

4. Traffic Framework

    • Traffic Framework Overview
    • Ebook Syndication On Steroids
    • 10 X Method
    • RSS Pipe Dream
    • Link Hijack


What I like about this AzonSpy?

For the Product Selection module, if you have gone through other Amazon Affiliate training course or read through the posts in this blog, you will be quite familiar with this. But I must say Tim explained the Pros and Cons of Brand vs Product Name vs Product Type very well.

I like the Competition (Should I Go After It?) where Tim lists out the competition analysis approach which is very useful and practical.

 For the Building a Niche Site module,  there is nothing really groundbreaking in the first 4 videos, but the Improving Conversions does serve as a good reminder of some important elements that should be included in the product reviews writing. The last video When to Move On or Keep Going provides good advice on when to swallow our pride and move on when a site is not bringing any sale. And also ways to convert this Amazon Affiliate Review Site into another stream of income.

I like the suggested action to make more sales if we decide to keep going with the site when the traffic is good. I have never thought of that.

For the  Advanced Strategies module, I find the Build for the Future very useful. We must stay ahead of the competition and at the start of the trend in order to make more money than an average Joe. For the Sex Niche Method, well, I will leave it to you to find out more. :-) 

For the last module Traffic Framework which I consider the most important part of the Amazon Affiliate Marketing, no traffic no sale, as simple as that.

Particularly the 10 X Method which I used on number of my projects more than a year back and the targeted keywords of these sites are  still ranking at #1 to #6 to these days. So, I know this traffic strategy is powerful.

I learnt about the RSS Pipe Dream from Sean Donahoe more than a year back which at that time I found it difficult to understand and execute, but watching Tim’s video, it just gotten me fired up again.


Final Verdict of AzonSpy

 Okay, as your trusted fellow Amazon Affiliate, I strongly recommend you to purchase the AzonSpy Amazon Affiliate Training Video course + Amazon Marketplace Product Selection Software. I find it a breath of fresh air on top of the fundamental stuff. Tim Atkinson presents the Amazon Affiliate Marketing concept very clearly. The gems are in the 3rd and 4th modules.

Dan Brock is a well known Amazon Affiliate Marketer and Dan was the one started my interest in Amazon Affiliate Marketing after going through his Deadbeat Super Affiliate video course. I would still say that Deadbeat Super Affiliate is the best course for someone new to Amazon Affiliate which was selling at $47.

Unfortunately, the Deadbeat Super Affiliate video course is no longer available, Dan has come out with the Automate Deadbeat Super Affiliate instead. If I understand correctly, it uses some kind of software to auto-create the Amazon Affiliate Review sites which I do not favor. So I can’t really comment or recommend it since I do not own and use it.

So, to me, the next best Amazon Affiliate Marketing Video Couse for Newbies, I would recommend Tim Atkinson’s AzonSpy. And again, I would say that Module 3 (Advanced Strategies) and Module 4 (Traffic Framework) are the gems which I do not find in other popular Amazon Affiliate Marketing courses I have come across, and I must say I own and have gone through 90% of them.

And in fact, AzonSpy costs less than $40 (at this time of writing) which is cheaper than Dan’s Deadbeat Super Affiliate ($47). :-)


So click HERE or the picture below to order the AzonSpy before it hits the $47 mark.

Buy AzonSpy

Click To Buy AzonSpy


Okay, that’s all for this post, I hope that I am not too late to alert you about this great value for money product and the price has not gone up too much.

Good luck my fellow Amazon Affiliates and seeya at my next blog post.

Important Update: AzonSpy is no longer available. The next Best Step by Step Amazon Affiliate Training Video Course is Azon Classroom created by Jeff Carson & Dave Toomey.

Azon Classroom

Click to read my Azon Classroom Reviews.

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I prefer Omnistar Affiliate Software for my affiliate software solution because it was easy to setup and it is easy to maintain.

Hi Jeremy,
Many thanks for your visit to my blog and leaving your comment.

Thanks for mentioning about Omnistar Affiliate Software which is a Affiliate Management software, where AzonSpy is an Amazon Affiliate Training Video Course complemented with a software to uncover profitable products listed in the Amazon Marketplace, there are 2 different software serving absolutely different purposes.

The key thing about AzonSpy is the video training for aspired Amazon Affiliate, the software is just to make the job of looking for good product to promote easier. We can always do the same task manually but with this software it is a big time saver.

Once again, many thanks for your sharing.


Great review Keith.

Personally, I honestly haven’t got my head around building sites specifically for amazon like you have, so I’m sitting this one out for now but it does look very helpful, particularly for those starting from scratch.

I’d look forward to your progress and reports improvements after implementing the tactics and strategies of the course :)

Good luck!


Hi Dave,
Sorry for my late reply. Busy doing my experiment. :-)

Yeah, I found this course pretty good. There are areas Tim covered which are not normally discussed by other “gurus” in Amazo Affiliate Marketing those Tim Atkinson is not a well-known Amazon Affiliate Marketer.

I believe in the IM circle, there are alot of underground experts whom are working and making money quietly.

Will share more next time.


I haven’t tried these affiliate softwares or tools since am relatively new for the affiliates, I have no earning but have continuous improvements on CTR. So I believe I’ll earn one day from Amazon.

Thanks for your sharing.

I 100% agree with you. As someone new to Amazon Affiliate Marketing and has yet to make the first dollar, you do not need to purchase any tool or software for your business, there are always free software or tools that can help you. What I like about AzonSpy is not the software but more about the training and some good tips, insight, and strategies.

The key to any business success is not to give up too soon too easily. Since your CTR is improving continuously, surely one day you will reap the fruit.

Press on and the harvest may come sooner than you expect.

All the best.


Hi there Keith. I have been following you and I am inspired by your success. I just would like to know if you have come across the Amazon Affiliate Mini Money Making Machines by Steve Hines? How long did it take you before you earned your first dollar in Amazon?Did you learn all these stuff from Dan Brock or you already have a background on affiliate marketing? I am ind of getting frustrated already because most of the affiliates I encounter seems to have good knowledge about web stuff and all which makes me hesitate if I could succeed on this but I really want this. Hope you can give me some advice.

Hi Imprincesz,
Many thanks for following my blog and leaving your comment.

Sorry, I have not come across Amazon Affiliate Mini Money Making Machines by Steve Hines.

I created my very first Amazon Affiliate site ( on 31 January 2011 and made my first Amazon dollar in late February 2011.

Okay, let me share a little bit of myself. I started my Internet Marketing venture in early 2006. Basically I spent the whole of Year 2006 learning the ropes. In early 2007 I started created websites for AdSense. Last quarter of Year 2007, I started earning AdSense income. It grew very fast and well and within just a short few months I was making a comfortable 4-figure monthly income from AdSense.

Unfortunately, in May the Big G decided to suspend my AdSense account without giving me a reason even after I email them many times. I gave up because at that time my wife was diagnoses with cancer and I needed to take care of her. Since then and for the rest of Year 2008 and Year 2009, I left the IM circle looking after my cancer stricken wife.

Sadly, I lost my wife to cancer in January 2010 (last year), I fell into deep sadness till September 2010, I picked myself up and relearn everything about IM and started going into Affiliate Marketing and slowly making some money promoting other physical products.

3 months later, in January 2011, I chanced upon Dan Brock’s Deadbed Super Affiliate Amazon course and out of curiosity, I created my very first site just to test thing out but I left it there without doing much. In late July I noticed that this little site promoting some running gadget I personally used (thus recommend to my readers) consistently bringing me about $30 a month since the month after the site was launched, there I decided to created more sites in August, and my income increased.

I was new to Affiliate Marketing and certainly new to Amazon Affiliate Marketing but I have built my IM foundation in Year 2006 to Year 2007. So, I would not say I am a total newbie.

In face, since I created my first Amazon Affiliate site, I tried to get hold of material besides Dan’s but also from all the well-known Amazon Marketers that I came to know, to learn more about this Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

I would say if one is totally clueless about IM, it will take some time to learn the ropes and to see the result, but it can definitely be done, just be patient and not to give up too easily too soon. Never believe those people who claim that after going through their courses, you can make thousands of dollars within a short few months. In fact, after getting to know some of the so call Amazon Affiliate Marketing gurus, I discovered that some of them are not making that much of money as they claimed. And some of the income claims were misleading. I do not like that.

Anyway, everyone has to start off somewhere, and everyone has to be a newbie when they start off with something unfamiliar, right?

So, if you have decided to take this path, put all your focus and energy into it and work hard and word smart for the next (at least) 6 months and see whether it suits you? You must have passion and interest in what you do, then you can sustain and achieve your dreams.

I hope I have answered your questions. Do let me know if you have any more query.

I wish you all the best in your new venture. God bless.


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Too bad AzonSpy is no longer available. Is there another similar product you recommend?

Great site by the way.



Hi Felix,
Thanks for your kind comments.

Thanks also for alerting me, I did not know that AzonSpy is now closed.

If you are talking about the Amazon Affiliate training course and you are new to Amazon Affiliate Marketing, you might like to get the Azon Classroom by Jeff Carson & Dave Toomey though it is not as advanced as the AzonSpy in some strategies.

According to Jeff, the WSO for this video course will be closed on the April 20, 2012. Go try your luck now. Oh, this is a video course and does not come with the software.

I personally think that Azon Classroom is the most up to date, detailed and newbie-friendly Amazon Affiliate Training for new Amazon Affiliates and priced at a very reasonable price ($20.54 at this point of writing).

Do yourself a favor, if you want to learn more about Amazon Affiliate Marketing, purchase the Azon Classroom video course NOW, lock yourself in over the weekend and go through every videos (28 in total) and start working on your business on Monday.

You will not regret your investment.

Read about my take on this course here:

Or go straight to the WSO here: (my Aff link)

All the best and have a wonderful weekend.

PS. If you have not downloaded the free Amazon Treasure Box report, get it here for free.