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Hi Fellow Amazon Affiliates,

In my early post “How To Make Money With All Amazon Affiliate Programs?“, I mentioned using one free WordPress plugin called the Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer to automatically change any Amazon link on our Amazon Affiliate Review sites to use our affiliate ID, as well as to change the link to point to the user’s local Amazon store.

So if your visitor is visiting from the UK they’ll get a link to, if they’re visiting from the US they’ll get a link to the same product on

I installed that plugin in late June. Let’s go over and check them out.


1. Amazon Associates Program Germany

Amazon Associate Program Germany

Hey, no bad, 261 links in 3 months time.


2. Amazon Associates Program China

Amazon Associates Program China

This is a bit low.


3. Amazon Associates Program France

Amazon Associates Prgram France

This is okay.


4. Amazon Associates Program Italy

Amazon Associates Program Italy

Oh, this is worst than the China Amazon Associate Program.


5. Amazon Associates Program Japan

Amazon Associates Program Japan

11 clicks? I guess this is the worst! :-)


6. Amazon Associates Program Canada

Amazon Associates Program Canada

Hey, 622 clicks, pretty good. :-)


7. Amazon Associates Program UK


Amazon Associates Program UK

 Wow, 855 clicks! I am very happy! :-)

Amazon Associates Program UK - Earnings

Hey, it did make a sale and earned me GBP 1.20. Great. :-)


Total Number of Clicks I Might Have Missed

Let’s total up all the links

261 + 97 + 185 + 75 + 11 + 622 + 855 = 2,106

Wow, if I did not install the plugin, I would have missed out 2,106 clicks and GBP 1.20. :-)

GBP 1.20 is not very much, but why leave the money on the table.

So, if you do not want to miss out these earnings, pop over to my post “How To Make Money With All Amazon Affiliate Programs?” to find out how to install the plugin.

By the way, it is advisable to apply and enter all your Amazon IDs into the plugin, or basing on the above result, at least get those with high volume of clicks – Amazon Associates Program Canada and Amazon Associates Program UK.

If you take a look at the disclosure on the plugin download page

Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer Disclosure I have confirmed this disclosure with Pete the  creator of this plugin via email.


So, let’s install the Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer plugin if you are using WordPress as your website platform, and don’t leave the money on the table.

Happy making Amazon cash from ALL the Amazon Associates Programs. Good luck.


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Goodness gracious, I didn’t know that’s what the plug-in does… hehe… I had it installed but not activated, and now that I check my analytics, I get tons of visitors from the UK (like 20%) and I’m not capitalizing on their market…

Thanks again dude. I love being an Amazon Affiliate hehe.


Hi Dave,
It is never too late. :-)


Follow-up question again bro, do I need to sign-up to a new Associate account on each country site? Thanks.


Hi Dave,
Yes, you have to sign-up to all Amazon Associates program as a new associate but some account are just one click away. Follow my instruction laid out in this post

All the best.


I am glad I re-read this article, I was missing a lot! I need this plugin ASAP!

Hi Kim,
I am glad to see you again. I am happy that you found this post useful.

All the best.


DONE! hehe…

Thank goodness the EU zone can have just one account linking to each other… even if it’s a different tracking ID (it should be different anyway), I didn’t have to sign-up with a new email addy on each.

Hi Dave,
That was what I meant by 1-click sign up. Pretty easy, right? :-)


Holy smokes you’re right… One day CLICK (not earning) stats (rounded off).

1) GB +300
2) DE + 170
3) FR + 120
4) JP +20
5) Ca 0 << weird
6) IT +140

Unfortunately, the plug-in doesn't support ES yet…

Is there a way to check the stats on all the sites without having to use the country drop-down on each one?

Hi Dave,
Sorry, no that I know of. If you found the way, kindly let me know. I have been checking the stats individually too.


Hi Dave,
That’s Cool. :-)

I can almost hear the cash machine ringing. :-)

All the best.


The plug-in now supports Spain as well BTW…

Over 2K additional clicks in 2 days, wow… hope the EU guys spend more LOL.

First GB sale yes 😀 cheapo 7GBP item but still 😛

I wish the local sales count toward the total US sales though, it’ll surely help (though wishful thinking haha).

So I’ve signed up for all the Amazon schemes, but I got a problem with the Chinese one. I’m using Bing Bar to translate the web pages, and the operating agreement seems to allow payment as gift card in section 8B. But I can’t find the option to select gift card in my account settings. For bank transfert, I’d need to have a Chinese bank account, so that’s no option. Any idea how to solve this? (Still some time to do this. Until I reach the RMB 100 threshold, it’s gonna be 2020 or later…)

Hi Jan,
Many thanks for dropping by my blog and your question.

If I remember correctly, this Gift Card option was prompted to me the moment I completed the sign up process.

Anyway, I hop over to Amazon China, and you are right. This time, I could not locate the Gift Card Option, guess Amazon China might have removed this option, so now we are left with the Bank Transfer option which is not an option for those who do not have a bank account in China.

Anyway, my traffic to Amazon China is really very low, so I am not really concerned. Yea, I might not even make RMB100 till 2020. hahahaha…..


[…] never quite understood what it really does until I stumbled on a post in Keith Lee’s website,, that covers making money with Amazon Associates program. In his post, Keith explained the […]

Hmm, my previous comment didn’t get through.

That’s a great idea (targeting best-sellers in those countries)… Thanks.

It’s really amazing how high GB clicks get… 3 days in, GB has 4x more clicks than my US (but again, my US site already made a $400 sale this month).

Hi Dave,
It is great to see you again.

Previous comment? I did not see one.

Hey, you simply blew my mind off! You have already made $400 from Amazon USA this month? You must be selling high priced products. :-) You will hit the $2k mark this month man! Congrats in advance.


I sold 400+ worth, that’s $16 bucks on one item LOL… another 2 low-cost units to go along with it.

I’m still aiming at $500 right now… slowly…

Hi Dave,
This comment of yours is auto-approved. :-)

Wow, my Seiko Running Metronome is only $14, I make less that a dollar for each sale. :-) A lot to catch up…….

The products selling at my 6 new sites are ranging from $100 to $200. Like you say….. slowly……. :-)

All the best.



very clear explanation, never think about other amazon than usa. Your post made my day :-)
Thank you

Hi Al,
Welcome to my blog.

Glad to know that you find the post useful, and appreciate you for leaving a comment.

All the best.


Hey Keith, I was just wondering if you had any advice or information about how to setup you account to receive payments from Amazon in China. On the Amazon website it will only input bank information for a Chinese bank. Well I live in the U.S. so I need to be able to use a U. S. bank. Could you let me know how you set up your payment info for Amazon China? Thanks!

Hi Tai,
Thanks for your question.

To receive commission from Amazon China, you need to have a bank account in China. Either your personal or a friend’s account. If you are not staying in China or know anyone in China, you would not be able to receive the commission.

Right now, I am not staying in China and know no one in China well. Though I set up the Amazon China Affiliate account, I do not set up the payment method until I could provide one. Anyway, the sales at my Amazon China affiliate store is very low, so, it is okay for me to ignore it for the time being.


Hi Dave,
Thanks for the alert.

I just upgraded the plugin and input the ES Amazon ID. :-)


Hi Dave,
Wow, congrats! 7GBP is still something, right?

Hm…. I don’t think the local sales count toward the total US sales. :-(

Anyway, it is good start for a brand new week. :-)



Somewhat of a revelation, however, is the amount of clicks GB gets.

In my main photography site, the US tracking ID got 1200+ this month, with 40+ sales.

The GB tracking ID logged in a whopping 2669 clicks (that’s between Sept 21-30!) but only one sale.

Interesting market/shopping difference.

Even Canada got more clicks than the US at 1546 in 10 days…

Hi Dave,
That is amazing. Your total number of clicks to Amazon UK within a span of 10 days is more than double the total number of clicks to Amazon US for the whole of August. :-)

Oh, even Amazon Canada has more clicks than Amazon USA.

Hm….. may I then suggest you to hop over to Amazon UK as well as Amazon Canada, to find out what are the Best-Selling photography related products, then write a post about these products since now you have discovered that the majority of your readers are from UK and Canada, if you promote something that suit their taste or product preference, you might see your sale at these 2 Amazon sites rocket high.

Hey, all the best man. I am happy for you for the revelation. :-)