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The Best Amazon Affiliate Review WordPress Themes 

[[Important Update] Based on reader’s feedback, I learnt that the original creator of this theme, George has sold this business to a new owner Jonathan and there were some complaints about the support from the new owner. Jonathan, the new owner has left a comment here to explain everything as well as his personal contact email should you face a problem. Please read Joanthan’s comment below or hit the “Continue Reading” button.]

All these months I have been using the free WordPress themes from There are good but does not stand out as an Amazon Affiliate Review Site. As I have mentioned because of the positive result from testing the Amazon Affiliate Marketing the last few months, I have planned to devote more time and effort into promoting products from the Amazon Marketplace. Thus, have been looking for good WordPress Themes for my new Amazon Affiliate Review Site the last few weeks.

I was eyeing a particular WordPress Theme specially designed for Amazon Affiliate Review Site by a well-known Internet Marketer but I found that these WordPress themes lack of certain features I desired, so my search continued for the last few weeks until now.

I found it at ProReview Theme.

ProReview WordPress Themes


What I like about these Amazon Affiliate WordPress Themes?

1. These themes are very feature-rich, very easily customized for your use. For example, you can dedicate the whole page for single Amazon product review or multiple Amazon product reviews, it is total flexibility.

2. There are 7 Awesome custom widgets:-

  • Top Rating Box Widget
  • Social Media Widget
  • Testimonials Widget
  • Banner Review Widget
  • Special Banner Ad Widget
  • Features Video Widget
  • Optin Box Widget

 These widgets certainly help to make the Amazon Affiliate Review Sites look more professional and presentable.

Through experience, a well-designed and professional looking site produces a higher Click-Through-Rate (CTR). Just imagine, if you land on one professional looking site and one poorly designed lousy looking site, which one will you stay to read the reviews? Even if you stay to read the content on the poorly designed site, will you be more confident to click the links there or those links on a professional looking site? The answer is very clear, a no-brainer.

WordPress Themes for Amazon Affiliate Review Site - Features

3. The customer service from George and Steve, the creators of ProReview Themes is simply first class. I have never seen someone respond to my request so promptly, usually within a few hours (of course it depends on your time zone).

4. These 2 gentlemen are so open to customer’s feedback and suggestions. If the suggestions are doable and in line with their design, they integrate them into the next version, and though these themes were launched July15, they had already released version 1.2 on the July20.

In a way, these WordPress Themes are customized to meet your needs, similar to getting a programmer to design the WP themes for you. How wonderful! :-)

5. Regardless whether it is a major or minor updates, all the future updates are FREE for existing customers. This is a piece of very good news. I hate to pay whenever there is a so call “major” update claimed by the product creator.

Free update for WordPress Themes is particularly important as we all know WordPress updates their version rather frequently. All WP Themes have to be upgraded too. And if we are to pay for each update, that is very painful.

6. These themes are for multiple sites and that includes sites for flipping. In the market, the common practice is one has to pay more for a multisite license, if you want to flip the site (ie. to sell your site), you have to acquire a Developer License, but not with these ProReview WordPress Themes. One price for ALL.

7. I love the video tutorial. They are very clear and easy to understand. After watching the video tutorial, I believe anyone including your dogs/cats are able to make good use of these themes to create a professional looking Amazon Affiliate Review Site. Just joking.  😆

8. These themes are not only suitable for Amazon Affiliate Review Sites, they can be built for review sites for

  • ClickBank
  • CPA Offers
  • To review Services
  • Membership Sites
  • To review other physical products
  • etc.

Click here or the picture to view the Sample Amazon Affiliate Review Site

Amazon Affiliate Review WordPress Theme


Click here or the picture to view the Sample ClickBank Product Review Site

ClickBank Affiliate Review WordPress Theme Sample

 In conclusion, these ProReview Themes are the Best WordPress Themes for building Amazon Affiliate Review Sites. Period.


Where To Buy These ProReview WordPress Themes For Your Amazon Affiliate Review Sites? 

At the ProReview Theme official site, you will find that Single Site License costs $37, Multi Site License costs $67, but please do NOT order from there. Click this link to order the Multi Site License at $37. Yes, a good $30 discount for now.

I understand from George that he is planning to revise the price to $67 soon. So hurry, don’t wait, click this link to buy the ProReview WordPress Themes for your Amazon Affiliate Review Sites.

[[[ Update: Sorry, you are just too late. Unfortunately, George has revert the price to $67 for a Multi Site License. That means the discount is over, the Multi Site License is available now at $67 but I would say that it is still a steal as Geogre has just released version 1.3 and ALL future verions are FREE for current owners.

As I have mentioned in this post, George is very open to new ideas to improve the WP Theme for his customers and from this incident we can be assured that he does what he says. Within a short one month after launching the WP Theme George has upgraded the theme twice from version 1.1 to version 1.3 with so much more outstanding and much desirable features.

I would say go for it before the price increases again. Click this link to order the Multi Site License at $67

What’s New in ProReview WordPress Theme Version 1.3

  • No Follow Affiliate links for button and now on “Featured Image”
  • 4 New amazon like Call-To-Action buttons
  • Half stars ratings added!
  • Overview box is now OPTIONAL
  • Price field is now OPTIONAL
  • Tags for reviews included
  • Improved “Top Ratings” widget, now sorts reviews automatically based on rating
  • Improved shortcode lists style

Click this link to order the ProReview WordPress Theme ]]]

By the way, if you have been following this blog of mine, you will know that I hardly recommend any product to my readers besides  those resources displayed at the Right Navigational Bar. If I do, they must be of high quality that I personally use and have met my satisfaction.

Go Click Here to Order the ProReview WordPress Theme before it is too late NOW!

Buy This Best WordPress Theme for Your Amazon Affiliate Review Sites

Buy This Best WordPress Theme for Your Amazon Affiliate Review Sites

[[Important Update] Based on reader’s feedback, I learnt that the original creator of this theme, George has sold this business to a new owner Jonathan and there were some complaints about the support from the new owner. Jonathan, the new owner has left a comment here to explain everything as well as his personal contact email should you face a problem. Please read Joanthan’s comment below or hit the “Continue Reading” button.]


Last but not least, I have prepared a series of Amazon Product Lists based on the Amazon Product Selection Criteria I talked about in my earlier post, I called it The Amazon Treasure Box. Tto read more about it and to download the lists for free, please click on the picture below.Amazon Treasure Box -  Amazon Product Lists

Comments (35)

I read about this review theme someplace else too, and they had only high praises for this theme as well. I guess it is worth the try, and thanks for providing the discounted price link. I guess, not everyone can pay the full price (they may, after they make some profits from AZ)

Hi Angela,
Many thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your comment of appreciation.

You are certainly right, having the $30 discount for the multiple site license is indeed a very good deal.

I am sure you will like this ProReview WordPress Theme for your Amazon Affiliate Review Sites.

Success to your business.


Hi I just Bought your theme.still work know.Thanks for discount

Hi Andre,
Glad to know that you like the ProReview WP Theme.

All the best.


Like you I had been searching and searching and searching for a great wordpress theme that would make affiliate sites easier and higher converting. Nothing was matching my criteria and I was also very close to getting the more expensive theme….. and then I decided to do just one more google search and I found your site and recommendation for proreview! Yeah! I just bought it and am so happy that I didn’t give up in my search! And a $30 discount on top of it all! Thank you!

Hi Mary,
“Wise Men Think Alike”…hahaha, glad that you did not give up and found ProReview WP Theme. I am confident that you will like it and certainly it will boost your sales.

I am happy that my recommendation helps fellow affiliate marketers.

All the best to you online business. :-)


Pro Review looks awesome.

My Amazon coach recommended going with a clean and simple theme, nothing to distract the reader from the content.

So right now I’m testing with the “Clean Dropshadow” theme, which looks pretty neat.

I’ll probably give this a try sometime in the near future though!

Thanks for your sharing.

Certainly a clean and simple theme is the way to go.

If you are only promoting one product per site, then you might not need to use the ProReview Theme, but if you have more than 1 product on the site, definitely ProReview is a very good investment, not only it looks professional and it certainly increases the CTR (Click Through Rate).

Do give the ProReview Theme a try and compare the CTR.

All the best.


Hi Keith

I clicked thru your link for the theme but the price is still the same for multi licence at $67 instead of your $37

I was looking forward to converting my NAS website to be better with ProReview

Can you shed any light on this please


Hi Steve,
Thanks for dropping by my site and your question.

Unfortunately, Geogre, the creator of ProReview WP Themes has revert the price. That means the discount is now over, the multi licence is at $67 now but I would say that it isstill a steal as Geogre has just released version 1.3 and ALL future verions are FREE for current owners.

As I have mentioned in my post, George is very open to new ideas to improve the WP Theme for his customers and from this incident we can be assured that he does what he says. WIthin a short one month after launching the WP Theme George has upgraded the theme from version 1.1 to version 1.3 with so much more outstanding and much desirable features.

I would say go for it before the price increase again.

All the best to your online business.


[…] The Best WordPress Themes for Amazon Affiliate Review Sites | The …Description : Finally, I managed to find the Best WordPress Themes for my Amazon Affiliate Review Sites. These WP Themes are highly customizable, professonal looking with powerful featues. .. […]

This is a fantastic theme. I’ll have to check it out. I like how it can be customized.

I was hoping you could tell me what your first impression of this new affiliate program is? A friend recommended it to me.

Hi Darick,
Many thanks for visiting my blog.

Yes, you are right, ProReview Theme is a very good particularly it is very flexible in the area of user customization.

Hm, sorry, I knew nothing about this site and its affiliate program, I can’t comment.


hi there..
is it support wprobot in amazon module?

Sorry for my late response.

Sorry, I do not know about the WPRobot in Amazon module. I have not come across this before. Perhaps you can raise the question to the support at



I have 1 site setup with proreview, there are so many limitations with this theme because of the custom post types it uses. alot of plugins dont work with this theme. personally i would stay away from it.

Hi Akash,
Thanks for sharing your experience.

I find the theme pretty good. Sorry to hear that you faced some difficulties in using the theme, maybe you could submit a ticket to their Support and see whether they can help you up.


oh yea and im willing to sell my license for 1/2 price is someone wants it.

Hi Akash,

Unfortunately mine is aready a multi-site license, else I would get it from you. :-)


I bought a developers license to this theme because it looked so good and had so many useful Amazon features.

Unfortunately it doesn;t work. Support is hopeless and the only thing open about the whole thing is the forum – it’s full of complaints and people who cannot get things fixed and or get replies to their issues.

Sadly, you are better off saving your money. I would love to be able to get my money back.

Hi Peter,
Good day to you.

Thanks very much for your comment. Your comment alerted me to check out the forum, and it seems like George the original creator of this WP theme has sold this business to a new owner, and the support from this new owner is almost non-existence.

I bought the theme from George when it was first released, the support from George was superb and personal, bugs reported were fixed promptly and suggestion was incorporated in the following upgrades.

Very sad to know that George has sold this business to an irresponsible owner.

I am sorry for the inconvenience and frustration caused.

Thanks once again for your alert.

Best regards,

Hi, my name is Jonathan and I am the new owner of the ProReviewTheme. I wanted to come here and respond to comments as I feel your opinions are fairly justified.

First, I want to say that you are right, support has definitely not been what it should be and what is fair. As the owner I take full responsibility for that. However, does that mean it has been non-existent? I don’t think that would be a fair statement either, it’s just that all those who receive help normally do not go around saying it 😉 I try to help and respond to everyone who has sent in support e-mails. With that being said, PAYING CUSTOMERS do deserve FAST, HELPFUL, and FRIENDLY support and overall I cannot say with full honesty that this has happened so I apologize.

So what happened?
When I acquired the theme the previous owner was contractually supposed to help train me on the new theme and agreed to help with support issues as long as needed. The previously owner did provide (for a week or two) basic help when needed; however, when I approached him multiple-times over a few issues that were repetitive, I never received a permanent solution.. Just told that it was the hosts fault.. During this time I was answering all the support questions I could answer, but these few issues I was at loss with and couldn’t get help and had to figure out the solutions on my own while customers were waiting way too long for an answer.

Next, with the forum.. When I acquired the site, I immediately hired an individual and paid them more than fairly to answer all support questions on the forum… He did a great job for a week or two, but then suddenly stopped and I have lost contact with him… Again, this is no fault of paying customers BUT just another hick-up in my plans to provide quality support.

In the mean while I have continued to respond and answer all support e-mails that I have seen come in. I do admit that I have not been able to do the same with the forum, and I apologize.

Today, I have published the job again on the forum and have contacted a very knowledgeable member asking them if they would be interested in handling all forum support. I am going to immediately hire the first interested and qualified applicants who are interested which should hopefully improve support on the forum.

In the mean while, if you are a customer and your having trouble.. You can e-mail me directly at: support(at) and I will personally work with you on your issues.

Please note that I hear your concerns, agree that things should be better and am taking steps to make sure they get better QUICKLY. You do matter to me, and I want to make amends with anyone who has had problems.. So please shoot me an e-mail if you are one of those.

In the mean while, thanks too all of you have have purchased the ProReviewTheme, I hope you understand that I am truly doing my best and working hard to give customers what the deserve.


Hi Jonathan,
A Very Blessed New Year to you.

I am so so happy to have you as the new owner of ProReviewTheme leaving your comment here to clarify issue concerning the support and forum. I am sorry to hear that you are facing some difficulties and challenges in the area of providing good customer support. But, definitely, I do see that your are very sincere and doing you very best to satisfy each and every owner of ProReviewTheme who faces problem using the theme.

Because of your sincerity, I will send an email to all those will leave a comment here regarding ProReviewTheme to read your comment here and contact you should they face an support issue.

I believe, every software will have technical glitches, it is just a matter of how serious and when, but most important of all is the heart of the customer support. As long as the support has compassion for the customer and doing their utmost best, we must always give them time and understanding.

Jonathan, I respect you for taking up the full responsibility for all the support issue and wanting to up your customer service via hiring addition hand. I wish you all the best and looking forward to the day every ProReviewTheme owner is a happy owner.

Do let me know if I can be of help to you.

Take care and God bless.


Hey Johnathon, your site seems to be down. I’m very interested in your theme and even your support position.

Can we speak by Skype perhaps?

this is all fine and dandy, but I have moved on from this theme months ago, I couldnt have waited, nor could the owner of this theme expect anyone to have waited for non-existent support.

If you are backing your product as you say you are, are you willing to offer an unhappy customer a refund.

I haven’t used this theme since the first few weeks after i bought it.


Akash – please send me an email to support(at) and we will get you taken care of.


Hi Keith and Jonathan,

K: I really appreciate that you took the time to follow up twice with me after Jonathan left his post here. With the kind of in-depth attention you put into your site, I am absolutely certain you will create a great pool of readers and good for you. You deserve it.

J: I too believe you have taken on a big load with this new business and I wish you nothing but the best with it. And you definitely should take good and close care of Keith because he is a fantastic asset for you and your business. Can’t stress that enough.

On the particulars, I would like to note that I have wriotten to you several times and although initially you were quick to answer, nopne of the later emails and PMs have been answered.

I have made the point before that I believe it is a mistake to use the forum for support – 2 main reasons:

1- it is inefficient and doesn’t help you to get the job done. There are free ticket systems that hosting companies offer and that are being used by so many other vendors I deal with. Those systems keep all the discussion in one place so you and the client know exactly where everything is and exactly what you have both been told and said. Forums are hopeless for that.

2-The ticket system keeps everything private. When I was getting no response from you or your support guy, I went to the forum and discovered that I was not alone; I could see the dates when people raised their issues and I could see that they were never answered. So I am not persuaded by your often used comment that the happy people do not post how happy they are; that is not the sign of good support. Goood support is when you see no one with an unanswered issue; when your own issues are answered or (better) fixed.

I love the idea of that theme (as you must have done to buy it off George) but in the end I had to do somehting to get my site to work and could no longer afford to wait endlessly for help.

It just became too hard when the promise I bought was that the theme would answer, solve and speedup Amazon sites.

Hi Peter,
Thanks so so much for your very kind words. I am flattered. :-)


Well, I must say I’m disappointed. I was literally in my Paypal account, about to press ‘Pay Now’ when it occurred to me that there’s no mention of any kind of refund or support questions in the FAQ’s on
I did some researching and came across this site. I do think it’s awesome that Jonathan came along and tried to take some responsibility for the issues with low support, but sadly, all that says to me is that I would be better off with another theme until the issues are fixed with proreview.
The theme looks fabulous, but first of all, I’d like to know that if it’s so full of glitches that I can’t get it to work, that I’ll be able to get a refund, should I purchase it, and there’s no word of that whatsoever on the webite.
Not being someone who finds the tech side of creating sites easy, I’m afraid I will not be purchasing proreview unless I absolutely cannot find anything that is near to what I want–the last thing I need is more headaches and time wasted trying to get a good-looking, Google-friendly site up and running.
Very disappointed indeed–it looked awesome. :(

I found another good one

Hi John,
Thanks for your sharing. It certainly looks interesting. :-)


I bought this theme and I am so disappointed. Support seems non existent. But, more so. The review pages of this theme don’t index.

I am pretty savvy when it comes to onsite SEO and after 3 weeks none of my pages are ranking anywhere.

I have dug about on forums and I see many people have this issue.

Waste of money in my opinion. No refund option, guess I should have known better.

Hi Gordon,
Many thanks for your comment.

If you have read the comment I made at the beginning and the end of this post, you will realised that Jonathan has taken over this business and facing some issues.

You can read about Jonathan’s comments in the comment section.

I would like to suggest that you to contact Jonathan at support(at) regarding the problem you are facing.

Best regards,

I have created a few sites with this theme. I needed to make some minor modifications to the CSS and php. I setup my affiliate links in the .htaccess.

Once I had added several good product reviews my sites were pulling a few hundred visitors a day within a couple of weeks and conversions are strong.

Without the content and basic SEO plugins don’t expect a theme itself to drive traffic. The bottom line is that content is still king! The theme just made it a lot easier to publish and create great looking sites.

After trying a few other alternatives this one is the best by far and it’s worth every penny.

Hi Carl,
Thanks for your sharing.

Glad to know that you found the WordPress theme useful.

All the best to your Amazon business.