Amazon Affiliate Marketing – Is It Truly a Set Up and Forget Income Stream?


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Amazon Affiliate Marketing – Worth The Effort?

Amazon Affiliate Marketing, is it truly like what Dan Brock mentioned in his DeadBeat Super Affiliate that once the Amazon Affiliate website is set up, no further work is required and it will continue to generate income for us as the Amazon Affiliates?

Let’s find out the truth with my very first and only Amazon Affiliate site

Since it was loaded live in late January, I have not touched it since except added a few profile links.

Here is the backlink info from Yahoo Site Explorer

Amazon Affiliate Marketing - Backlink Info

The total backlinks is 20. If you compared to the screenshot shown at my first post, it was 39 backlinks then. In reality, the number of backlinks has become lesser now.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing – Effect on Keyword Ranking in Google

Let’s find out the effect of Amazon Affiliate Marketing on the website ranking in Google.

The following are the SERP for the list of keywords used in my first post on Amazon Affiliate.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing - Search Clip On Running Metronome

Amazon Affiliate Marketing - Clip On Running Metronome Result1

Amazon Affiliate Marketing - Clip On Running Metronome Result2

The ranking for this keyword “Clip On Running Metronome” has maintained at #1, #2 and #3 but added an additional placing at #4. That means there are 4 listings for this keyword and they are occupying the top 4 positions. Wow.

 Amazon Affiliate Marketing - Search Digital Metronome For Running

Amazon Affiliate Marketing - SERP Digital Metronome For Running

For this keyword “Digital Metronome for Running”, the ranking has moved up to #4, #5 and #6 from #5, #6 and #7 previously. Hey, there is improvement in the ranking and it is maintaining 3 listing at the Top 10 position. Again, multiple listing for 1 keywords. This is great.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing - Search Seiko DM50 Metronome

Amazon Affiliate Marketing - SERP Seiko DM50 Metronome

The ranking for this keyword “Seiko DM50 Metronome” has moved up from #6 to #4. Wonderful.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing - Search Seiko DM50s Clip Digital Metronome

Amazon Affiliate Marketing - SERP Seiko DM50s Clip Digital Metronome

This keyword “Seiko DM50S Clip Digital Metronome” has jumped 5 positions from #7 to #2. This is beautiful.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing - Search Running Metronome

Amazon Affiliate Marketing - SERP Running Metronome

For this keyword “Running Metronome”, you might want to take note that the number of competing pages has grown from the previous 1,040,000 to 5,330,000 now and yet it has climbed to #1 from #10. This is amazing.

Overall, all the main keywords have improved their ranking in Google.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing – Effect on Amazon Affiliating Earning

Now, let’s take a look at the Amazon Affiliate earning.

Amazon ffiliate Marketing Earning Apr2011

For the first 3 weeks since the first dollar came in in February, the Amazon Affiliate earning was $27.40. My first full month earning in March was $29.54. And for this month of April it is $32.42. Hey, there is some improvement. It looks like it does have some small steady increase over the months. This is great, especially no work was done over these few months.

There is one thing I needed to highlight. When I first set up the site to promote the Seiko Running Metronome, it was priced at $24 but it has since dropped to the current price of $16, and yet my Amazon Affiliate earning has increased. Why? Here is the beauty of Amazon Affiliate Marketing: customers who come through your link might buy more than what you promote or buy something other than what you promote, but it does not matter at all, Amazon still credits all sales to you and pay you the commission.

Oh yes, you might notice too, the total items sold was 15, less than the previous months. It proved that the sales of other products did compensate the drop of price of the Seiko running metronome. This is another beauty of Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Okay, shall we do a simple calculation. We have proved that the Amazon Affiliate income can be consistent. The Seiko metronome is currently priced at $16, if we promote a product which is priced at $160 (10x), our monthly Amazon Affiliate commission should be $324.20 (10x). If we build 10 of such Amazon Affiliate websites in say 1 year (1 site per month), we would be making more than $3,000 per month in 1 year time. Hey, that is a great deal. How many jobs can offer an annual increment of $3,000?


In conclusion, indeed, Amazon Affiliate Marketing is a Set Up and Forget Income Stream. This is good news to most people (including me) who hates to do all kind of maintenance work to keep the website in good ranking as well as to keep the money coming in.

With this Setup and Forget Amazon Affiliate Marketing, we can rinse and repeat the process, keep building Amazon Affiliate sites for different products and keep increasing our income. This is beautiful.

Okay, once I have completed my other projects, I shall start building more Amazon Affiliate sites.

Hey, Amazon Affiliate Marketing is the way to go. :-)

Oh, please check out Dan Brock’s DeadBeat Super Affiliate which I adopted for this experiment.

All the best to your Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

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[…] will notice that the commission earned for May has indeed jumped to $44.02 from April earning of $32.42. It is about $11 or 30% […]


Thanks for the interesting article. I’m fairly new at the marketing stuff, and am experimenting with different styles. I’m investigating Amazon marketing, and found your website. Great info, hope your earnings go up (or at least stay the same!) :)


Hi Danny,
Many thanks for dropping by my site and leaving your comments & well wishes.

Oh, I have not checked my Amazon earning for this month yet. I used to check it everyday when I first launched my Amazon Affiliate Website … guess all new people do alike. :-)

Anyway, nowadays I only check it at the end of the month. Will make a post to update all my readers about my this month progress and earning.

Thanks once again for your nice words and all the best to your IM venture.


Thanks Keith, Your article’s inspire me. Sorry my english not good.

Not to worry about your English, the fact that you visit my blogf and leave a comment, I’m trully appreciate.

All the best.


How long did it take before your site was ranking in those top 5 spots? And, how long before you started to see conversions on Amazon?

I am grateful that you laid out your site and the numbers so clearly here. Too many “experts” won’t show their sites or any of their info but they still want me to buy their e-books. Thanks.

P.S. – I just noticed that you don’t have a way to subscribe to comments so if there is any way you can email me when you reply to this I would appreciate it. :)

Hi Josh,
Thanks very much your kind comment and question.

For my very first Amazon Affiliate Review site set up in late January 2011, it took only a month to rank top 5 as well as making the Amazon commission. But after April’s Panda, my second site built in August took close to 3 months to rank on Google Page 1, and some other sites until now (more than 5 months) they are still not even on Page 1. Part of the reason I guess is the keywords I chose were rather competitive though I do think that Panda has to a certain degree affected the ranking.

Thanks for letting me know comments on this blog are not subscribeable (is there such a word? :-)). Hm… I checked but still do not know how to configure it. :-)

Anyway, I will send you an email notification for this reply.

Take care and all the best.


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